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The "compassionate" president in time of crisis

The following post by kos on hits the nail on the head when it comes to the president in the midst of the unfolding crisis from Hurrican Katrina: Posted: Tue Aug 30th, 2005 at 22:04:42 PDT

This is the greatest disaster to hit our nation in most of our lifetimes. Worse than 9-11. New Orleans is underwater. Biloxi is 90 percent destroyed. Who knows how many dead. Who knows how many homeless. Who knows how many jobless. We have a bona fide refugee crisis on our hands.

There will be a time for a full accounting of what went wrong, both preparing for this thing and relief efforts afterward. I don't know if the time is now or later. Honestly, I don't much care. I'm too horrified by what I'm seeing today. It's overwhelming.

I just wish that the president gave a damn about what's happenend. Unfortunately, he's too busy playing 'country rock star".

And yeah, that photo is from today. Good to see Bush has gotten on with his life. He's gotten good at that.

The president is so sheltered, he lacks the capacity to know how to respond appropriately when American lives have been destroyed. His answer, as it was to Cindy Sheehan, is, "I need to get on with my life." If this is "compassionate conservatism," I could do with less of his type of compassion. It's simply sickening; even more so when I'm reminded that I voted for him in 2000.


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