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Disney sweatshops alleged

From CNN:
Disney sweatshops alleged Anti-sweatshop advocacy group charges that workers make books under oppressive conditions. August 18, 2005: 2:54 PM EDT NEW YORK (CNN) - The National Labor Committee, an anti-sweatshop advocacy group that once exposed labor abuses in apparel produced for Kathie Lee Gifford's clothing line, made new charges Thursday against The Walt Disney Company, releasing a videotape alleging that two Chinese factories making books for Disney operate under unsafe conditions. At a press conference, Charles Kernaghan, director of the NLC, released an 11-minute videotape in which workers -- their faces hidden -- in the Hung Hing and Nord Race factories say they have been injured by unsafe equipment and show their bandaged fingers and cut hands. "There's blood on this book," Kernaghan said as he held up a copy of a child's book made in China and published by Disney (Research). On the video, some workers describe the oppressive conditions under which they are forced to work, including heat, long hours and unpaid, forced overtime. Still pictures show the machines, which workers describe as lacking basic safeguards. … When contacted for comment, Disney spokesman Greg Foster said he had not seen the tape, but Disney "takes claims such as those raised today by the NLC very seriously." And in a written statement, Disney said, "We have a strong International Labor Standards Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and conduct regular social compliance audits of the independently run factories that produce Disney branded merchandise." … The videotape was made by a Hong Kong-based group called Students and Academics against Corporate Misbehavior, and passed along to the NLC. Both Kernaghan and the Chinese workers say these factories never take action until prodded by international pressure.


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