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Change takes Falls Creek out of evacuation plans

A church camp near Davis prepared to handle as many as 3,000 Hurricane Katrina survivors will not be used as an evacuation center, Gov. Brad Henry and leaders of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma said Tuesday. The Falls Creek youth camp is not needed because large numbers of evacuees are no longer expected to come to the state, Henry said during a news conference at the state Capitol. The camp had been placed on a federal standby list for hurricane evacuees. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is putting emphasis now on finding permanent housing for hurricane victims instead of placing them in shelters or camps, Henry said. > more
When I first learned about this yesterday, I was a little saddened and disappointed, although not near as much as all the people who put so much work into it. I desperately hope that this will not adversely affect people's willingness to help out in the future; but knowing Oklahoma's history, I doubt this will significantly dampen Oklahomans' generous spirit. I want to commend and express sincere appreciation to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and every single person who answered the call to help out evacuees. I applaud the BGCO and their member churches for taking a lead in Oklahoma in reaching out to victims of Katrina. They served as a shining example of how Christians should reach out to those who need help. The response from many other churches, especially some of the mega-churches, was less than impressive. Tragedies like Katrina are opportunities for Christians to step up and show the world what Christ's love is all about. It's not about preaching at people. It's not about judging people. It's not about making people more moral. It's about loving people as Christ would love them, showing overwhelming generosity in meeting their needs. "Whatever you have done to the least of these..." were Christ's words. There was a song we used to sing that said, "They will know that we are Christians by our love." Love means being willing to sacrifice everything to help another. Some churches did that. Most did not. The world was watching. It was a golden chance to show them what makes Christianity special. We failed. Disclaimer: I am not Baptist nor am I a member of any BGCO-affiliated church. I am simply a fellow believer who is encouraged to see Christians step up to the plate when so many other churches did not.


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