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Crier on Roberts nomination and SCOTUS

Catherine Crier was outstanding on Hannity & Colmes earlier this week. It's worth the time to watch it. Courtesy Crooks & Liars:

On H&C last night (9/14). Catherine explained the attempted hijacking of the courts by the radical right wing religious fanatics.

Video-wmp small version




She puts forth a compelling case that what the extreme religious right wing wants is a "biblical" court not the phony "originalist" term they throw around so often. Crier points out that Clarence Thomas should be considered the most activist judge on the Supreme court. Hannity was stunned that she would see things that way. lol She distinguishes between traditional conservatism and the ulta conservatives that want to:

Catherine:... take over this country-that wants to destroy the separation of powers-that wants basically in many respects a biblical view to govern a secular state.


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