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Default Bush administration builds alliance with dictatorial, terrorist-sponsoring regime

A story being overshadowed by the tragic events in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is a behind-the-scenes building of an alliance with a former foe of our country, Moammar Kadafi. Kadafi has a long history of actively supporting and coordinating terrorism against the United States and the West. Libya is still listed as a state sponsor of terrorism. This revelation flies in the face of Bush supporters' contentions that the Iraq War was a justified action because it sought to remove a brutal dictator and sponsor of terrorism. While going after "acceptable" targets on the War on Terrorism, the administration has cozied up to other countries and regimes who themselves have been sponsors of terrorism. Libya and Kadafi have actually attacked American targets; there certainly been as strong a proven link with the Saddam-led Iraq. From today's Los Angeles Times:
As it struggles to combat Islamic terrorist networks, the Bush administration has quietly built an intelligence alliance with Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi, a onetime bitter enemy the U.S. had tried for years to isolate, topple or kill. … Critics charge that the partnership with Libya, like those with countries such as Sudan, Uzbekistan and Egypt, illustrates how Washington is allowing its war on terrorism to trump its effort to promote democracy and human rights in the Arab world. They say that in cooperating with Kadafi, the U.S. has strengthened his oil-rich regime and permitted him to crack down on political opponents, some with democratic credentials far stronger than his own. Kadafi's point man for dealing with Washington is his head of foreign intelligence, who is banned from entering the U.S. because of his suspected involvement in terrorist acts, including the Lockerbie bombing. He also is suspected of taking part in a plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ruler. > Read the full article.


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