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'Delay'ed response

Even before my transformation out of the Republican Party, I was never a fan of Tom Delay. Here is a man who boldly proclaims his Christian faith in one breath and sleezes with the political underworld in the next. He has consistently used strong-armed tactics on fellow Republican congressmen to vote the party line, even at the peril of their constituency or their principles — he proudly embraces his "hammer" nickname. Delay is now under indictment related to campaign fundraising, a result of his insatiable drive for more money to maintain and even strenghten his (and his party's) grip on power. Previously, he has been the target of multiple ethics investigations, being reprimanded three times in a row for ethics violations. Delay friends and associates have been indicted or are under state and federal investigation, including Jack Abramoff under scrutiny in part for the Indian gaming scandal. The Washington Post reported that "in 2003, at DeLay's behest, the Texas legislature redrew the state's congressional lines without waiting for the next census (in 2010), the customary occasion for redistricting. With the new districts, which still face court challenges, Texas elected five additional Republicans to the U.S. House last November, accounting for all of the party's net gain." For some, that's just politics. To me, it's dirty politics — and it's reprehensible coming from someone who identifies himself as a Christian. What puzzles me is how fellow Republicans, especially fellow Christian Republicans, can continue to defend this man? Is it an arrogance of power that believes that the end always justifies the means? Is it a blindness of loyalty? Is it fear of retribution if the man successfully gets away with all this? Why would the party that represents values be so apologetic for someone whose actions hold values in contempt? Why doesn't the GOP hold its own to the same standards it holds others (considering it took down House Speaker Jim Wright for a much less aggregious ethics lapse)? Either the Republican Party is the party of values that upholds high standards of ethics and morality or it isn't. It's actions are speaking louder than its (political grandstanding, rhetorical) words. Shame on you, Republicans. And shame on you, CHRISTIAN Republicans.


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