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Follow-up to religious school flyer issue

Winterhawk posted this update this morning:

This morning at 7:45 the school’s principle called. He apologized that he did not return our call yesterday, he had a student who did not get picked up by his parents and he was dealing with that beyond 5pm. I will take him at his word even though there was no answer at 4:30pm.

He apologized for the incident and said he was unaware that the flier went home. He said he would begin looking into the source of the paper and get back to us as soon as he can with some sort of answer. He said he was fully aware of the legal repurcussions involved here and appreciated our candor in the matter. Furthermore he stated that beyond the 1st amendment, that the school could not endorse one church within a religion over another either.

So the acknowledgement that the constitution had been violated, and his promise to find the source of the flier are good enough for me for now. I will consider the matter closed when I know where it truly came from and what action has been taken to prevent it in the future.


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