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Fox News anchors express frustration over relief effort

As many of you already know, I'm no fan of Fox News. However, I saw reports last night by Shepherd Smith and Geraldo Rivera from New Orleans. They, as well as anyone, express the desparation and utter unbelievability of the current situation and the painfully slow relief effort. offered the following comment:
Horror Show Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera were livid about the situation in NOLA as they appeared on H&C. When Hannity tried his usual spin job and said "let's get this in perspective," Smith chopped him off at the knees and started yelling at him saying, "This is perspective!" It was shocking. Geraldo who I'm no fan of was crying, holding a little child up to demonstrate the extremely inhumane conditions these people are forced to live under. Forced is the right word because they are locked in the dome by our government and can't leave. Troops are guarding the bridge. This goes beyond political lines and it's as sad a situation as I've seen. Let's see all the happy politicians slap themselves on their backs after viewing this segment.
> Watch the video. (Courtesy Crooks and Liars)


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