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Looting in Iraq hasn't stopped, $1 billion plundered

Republicans have had a hey-day with the "Oil-for-Food" scandal, pointing to it as a sign of why the corrupt United Nations needs to go. What will they say about the U.S.-created puppet government in Iraq? From The Independent (published September 19, 2005):
One billion dollars has been plundered from Iraq's defence ministry in one of the largest thefts in history, The Independent can reveal, leaving the country's army to fight a savage insurgency with museum-piece weapons.

The money, intended to train and equip an Iraqi army capable of bringing security to a country shattered by the US-led invasion and prolonged rebellion, was instead siphoned abroad in cash and has disappeared.

"It is possibly one of the largest thefts in history," Ali Allawi, Iraq's Finance Minister, told The Independent.

"Huge amounts of money have disappeared. In return we got nothing but scraps of metal."

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This is in addition to another $8 billion in reconstruction money that remains unaccounted for. We haven't stopped the looting in Iraq; it's just moved from blue collar to white collar. With such large sums of money being poured into the money pit in Iraq, it's no surpise that there is a missing billion here and there. That much money tempts alot of people. Just look at all the Bush/Cheney crony companies making record pockets on taxpayers' (trillions of) dimes. Will there be GOP outrage or demands for accountability with the missing billions? There hasn't been with the $8 billion missing, so we should expect anything different from the new case of billion-dollar looting.


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