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Out of sight, out of mind

An editorial in today's Oklahoman describes the response to a proposal to suspend gas taxes for three months:
"It's been more than three weeks since the head of the Oklahoma Senate, Democrat Mike Morgan of Stillwater, proposed temporarily suspending the state's tax on gasoline and diesel fuel in order to give motorists a break. Response has been, well, underwhelming.

"Gov. Brad Henry said his legal team would study the plan, but Henry hasn't been heard from since. Nor has Republican House Speaker Todd Hiett."

If this were 2006 instead of 2005, you can bet it would have been considered and passed in record time. Yet, both the governor and other legislators are not moving on this issue and they are counting on the short memories of Oklahoma voters. Gov. Henry and Speaker Hiett are employing a pocket veto of sorts; ignore it and it will die. (By the way, I thought Republicans were all for tax cuts. Why is a Democrat leading the way on this and not the Republican leader?)

Well, I'll remember, governor, the next time you talk about fighting for the average, working Oklahoma family. I'll remember, Mr. Speaker, especially the next time you talk about the need to cut taxes. You passed up an opportunity to cut taxes that would benefit all Oklahomans, not just your business buddies.

The Oklahoman doesn't like the plan (surprise, surprise). They claim there hasn't been a "groundswell of support for Morgan's plan." Who have they been asking? Gaillardia?

The Oklahoman's not been known for their progressive views of tax relief for those that really need it. If there's any solace, at least we won't have a new tax being added thanks to its defeat by the voters earlier this month.


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