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Pentagon — a case of delusional optimism

As has been the case from the very beginning of the Iraq War, the Pentagon continues its pattern of delusional optimism that flies in the face of the facts on the ground and the expert assessments of people whose lips aren't glued to the president's backside. From Reuters:
Pentagon voices optimism on Iraq's 'tough reality' By Will Dunham Mon Sep 19, 5:54 PM ET The Pentagon said on Monday there was reason for optimism in Iraq despite what it called the "tough reality" of a war in which insurgent violence rages unabated and the U.S. military death toll approaches 2,000. Two-and-a-half years after American-led forces invaded Iraq to oust President Saddam Hussein, U.S. officials tout political progress -- saying every important milestone has been achieved including a draft constitution -- and the steady building of Iraqi security forces. But some defense experts, saying insurgencies like this one can take years to unfold, argued the conflict had become a military stalemate and expressed concern about civil war. They also said an erosion in U.S. public support for the war should be a worrisome development for President George W. Bush. > more


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