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Courtesy: I noticed this morning that gas dropped another 10¢ at the station I pass by every morning. It's dropped nearly 30¢ in the last week and nearly 40¢ from just 10 days ago. This was following the dramatic increases of nearly 60 cents in less than a month and more than a $1.00 in the last quarter. These wild fluctuations are highly suspect. Of course, we can't expect any sort of oversight or accountability by our national leaders, who are cozy bed fellows with the oil industry. In the last year, Big Oil has posted record profits — figures unimaginable by most other industries. At the same time, the high energy costs is dampening an already sluggish economy. With the substantial impact of the mounting costs of Katrina to our economy (including lost jobs, lost trade and the overwhelming cost of rebuilding), the squeeze from both directions could hurt our economy big time. It will exacerbate the growing burden of an unsustainable, ballooning national debt. It's interesting (and perhaps encouraging) that the GOP cannot look past their immediate quid pro quo obligations to their sugar daddies in Big Oil and see that there will be a high price to pay for the party in power that has overseen an astronomical tripling of gas costs in just three years. Courtesy:


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