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Rita's Digest: Exposing flaws

News reports of the traffic jams resulting from people heeding government warnings to evacuate is exposing some serious issues that remain. By most accounts, the Houston evacuation plan is a good one, much better than the evacuation plans witnessed around Katrina. However, the problems in getting people out who want to get out is something that has to be addressed urgently. People have been "fleeing" Houston for two days running with thousands still trying to get out. But many are caught on clogged transportation arteries and in the process cars are running out of gas, overheating and breaking down. Just this morning a bus carrying evacuees exploded into flames on its way out, creating an even bigger nightmare. This is with nearly a week's worth of warning. What happens when there's no warning. Katrina and Rita are exposing some real weaknesses in our emergency planning. I hope that FEMA and Homeland Security will do everything possible to seek out real solutions to these very real problems. It's time for the government to serve its most important purpose, to protect its citizens — and that includes emergency planning. Our government, whoever's to blame is meaningless at this point, must put aside partisan politics, power-grabbing and media-whoring to do some REAL work. Four years ago, we were promised a reform that would help this country in a national emergency, man-made or otherwise. Our government has failed. It's time to fix it or change it. We don't have the luxury of waiting any longer. With dire predictions of more major hurricanes in the future and with the ever-present threat of terrorism, we have to get things fixed now. NOW!


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