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Tax relief for the working man

I applaud the leadership in Oklahoma for actually considering practical tax relief (albeit temporary) that will help the people who need it most. The Associated Press (via reports that Senate President Mike Morgan has sent the governor and Republican House Speaker copies of a bill that would suspend collection of the state's 17-cent gasoline tax. I sincerely hope that the House Speaker will not be blinded by his party's blind loyalty to Bush who seems completely unsympathetic to the average working taxpayer's plight amidst the outrageous dramatic increase in gas price in the last six months. I am a middle-class, small business owner who has felt the pinch. I can only imagine how difficult it's been from those working for much less income. In the last year, gas has nearly doubled in price. In one month's time it increased more than 60ยข a gallon. It's hard for anyone but the most wealthy to absorb that in such a short time. In any case, even short-term relief will help. For once, tax relief that actually can help those that need it most, a lesson that our leaders on the national level could learn from.


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