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The terrorists have won: America regresses

In a discussion on, a story about Islamic extremists rejoicing at America's misfortune prompted some interesting responses. Comments by some participants exposed the racism and contempt for "others" — most specifically, "middle easterners" — that is growing in our country. You can read all the comments here, the led to my following response:
There are some (perhaps even participating in this thread) who lump all "middle easteners" — presumably Arabs and people of the Islamic faith — with those radical fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. But there is a distinction. To apply that logic to other circumstances, ALL Christians should share the guilt and face the consequences of the grossly distorted "Christian" Klu Klux Klan. Comments like this one — "But they all want to come here and live, and our government lets them…Dont get me started, they have taken over Dearborn already, no joke… Thanks to Henry Ford who wanted them to come and work for his company, and even now, all Ford hires is Middle easterners and Asians… " — are racist and shows that our country has made less progress with this problem than we lead ourselves to believe. It's truly revolting. We have let the terrorists win. We are a nation gripped in fear. We are suspicious of any different from ourselves. There is a special contempt toward anyone who looks even remotely like they could possibly be Middle Eastern, whether or not they actually are. I see the looks on people's faces when someone from Pakistan or Lebanon — or even our "ally" Saudi Arabia — goes through security or gets on a plane with them. The terrorists have successfully filled our lives with terror — and it's caused us to change our hearts and our values as a country. We are now stooping to their level and their value system. "Shoot, confirm KIA, arrest, then marandize." That's not the American way; that's the barbaric way. What has made America great (or at least, what used to) was that we held ourselves to a higher standard of justice, fairness and civil liberty. We are becoming like the savages we hold in contempt. We are willing to kill the innocent in the hope of "getting the bad guy." We are outraged when they rejoice in our own countries tragedies. Yet, many among us rejoice at images of "shock and awe" during our bombing campaigns, even as thousands of innocent men, women and children are killed or maimed in the process. But we don't condemn ourselves when we do it because we're the ones doing it. Dungeon Master, I have no problem having Americans watch the videos of the beheadings or ALL the tragic events on 9/11 and hearing all the painful stories from the families of victims in the cases. Personally, I've watched videos of a couple of the beheadings and I can tell you it left me sick to my stomach for days. Reliving 9/11, both with video images and even just the sounds of that day, brings me profound grief and reminds me of the uncertainty and terror I personally felt that day. But, if we're going to watch that, we must also watch ALL the video of the effects of our actions on other people — like the devastation, destruction and deaths from our pre-emptive, voluntary war on Iraq. It's not just Saddam's regime that was destroyed or "bad guys" that were blown up; real people — innocent people — were killed or grossly maimed at our hands. Families were torn apart. Loved ones lost. Let's watch the stomach-turning videos and hear the heart-wrenching stories that come from that. Let's not pretend like the terrorists are the only people with innocent blood on their hands. Let's tell the WHOLE story. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Why did FDR say this? Because fear makes us do irrational things and act in irrational ways and make irrational decisions. Fear makes us hate people without cause. We have regressed to judging people (and hating them) because of the color of their skin. It's repulsive. And if this is what America wants to be, I can no longer call myself an American.


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