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You know it's bad when your friends turn on you

Joe Scarborough, former conservative GOP congressman and anchor of MSNBC's Scarborough Country, blasts Bush:
We begin with Harry Truman who famously declared that the buck always stops at the president's desk. For those who now define the term conservative as unwavering support for George W. Bush, even this suggestion is maddening. But the bottom line is that despite the fact the president was strapped with two governors who bungled this crisis badly, in the end it is the president who sends in the National Guard and FEMA relief. The president's suggestion that the size of this storm caught all by surprise just doesn't get it. His administration was 48 hours late sending in the National Guard and poor Americans got raped and killed because of those mistakes. A painful assessment from a supporter of the president, but also true.
Tony Perkins, one of the president's Religious Right allies, is critical of FEMA and its management of the crisis, comparing it to the incompetent band of troops on "F-Troop." From his weekly Washington Update:
There was a television show in the 1960's called F-Troop about an incompetent band of post-Civil War troops stationed at Fort Courage, somewhere west of the Missouri. Having been forced to deal with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other government bureaus these last few days, I am reminded of this sitcom, except this is no comedy. While the hurricane was an "act of God" the government response and relief effort on the local, state and national levels were failures of man. In one instance Red Cross trucks full of necessities were barred by a state agency early last week from entering New Orleans to deliver the much needed supplies. Accountability at all levels of government is critical. It should not be a time for partisan showmanship as so many similar hearings have been reduced to. Before such hearings commence we need to remember there are still hundreds of thousands displaced Americans from a number of states that need aid NOW. Churches throughout the region are stretched to the limit and near the cracking point. As always it is places of worship that are the frontlines for aid and comfort and they still need our help. Acts of God are not limited to natural disasters, but are also found in the opening of your hearts to those truly in need.


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