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'Bring them home' say more than half of Americans

From Rasmussen Reports:
Fifty-three percent (53%) of Americans now say that getting U.S. soldiers home as soon as possible is more important than making sure "Iraq becomes a peaceful nation enjoying freedom and democracy." This is the first time that a majority of Americans have held that view. The Rasmussen Reports survey also shows that just 38% insuring a peaceful and free Iraq is the top priority. A month ago, 47% said getting the troops home was more important while 43% focused on finishing the mission. The six percentage point increase in the number wanting to bring home the troops comes despite the fact that 54% of Americans believe that withdrawing U.S. troops will make things worse in Iraq. That figure is unchanged from last month. Thirty percent (30%) of Americans believe the recent vote on an Iraqi constitution will lead to increased violence. Only 17% believe it will reduce violence, while 35% say it will have no impact.


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