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GOP hypocrisy when it comes to judicial philosophy

John in DC over at AMERICAblog makes an observation about the latest GOP rhetoric regarding the latest SCOTUS nominee:
Lindsey Graham must be feeling some heat because he's crawled back under his arch-conservative rock of late. His quote in today's NYT is cute, but absurdly hypocritical, considering the GOP just torpedoes Harriet Miers because she wasn't far-right conservative enough.
Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, fired back Sunday, saying that if the Democrats staged a filibuster against Judge Alito or Judge Luttig because of their conservatism, "the filibuster will not stand."
You see, Republicans can shoot you down for being "liberal," and they can shoot you down for being conservative but not far-right extremist conservative. But if Democrats have concerns about which way you lean politically, well that's just uncalled for.
They are so blinded by their partisanship and/or pathological, delusional self-deception, they can't or refuse to see their own hypocrisy. I can't even believe I used to be a Republican. I'm truly ashamed.


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