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Leak prosecutor now looking at forged Niger document

From Sherlock Google at Daily Kos:

The fax came from NBC News. The above graphic weas originally made by

Hardball is now reporting that Fitz has received a copy of the fake Niger document. A copy above shows why it is such a laughable forgery.

Here is a PDF of the entire doc:

Here is a link to more info:

When you know all the facts of how Stephen Hadley put those words in there "by mistake", even after it was asked to be removed by the CIA--you will see it makes the 16 words a deliberate lie to Congress.

Rep. Maurice Hinchey led 40 Democrats in asking Fitz to expand his investigation to the Niger forgeries, sending a letter that outlined the crime of lying to Congress and the statutes that were broken by George W. Bush. By law, the GJ is required to hear any such request--especially one signed by 40 members of Congress.

If this is true Harwood of the WSJ said it would be an "earthquake" in Washington.

For all the Bush apologists who continue to defend this administration's lies, keep in mind that we impeached the last president on a lie about an affair. This lie has cost 2000 soldiers their lives, killed more than ten-fold of America's loss in Iraqi lives, cost this country over $200 billion, and set back foreign relations by leaps and bounds. That's why the end never justifies the means. And these are lies the truly rise to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors."


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