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More troops, more deaths

From the Associated Press:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Capping the bloodiest month for American troops since January, the U.S. military reported Monday that seven more U.S. service members were killed — all victims of increasingly sophisticated bombs that have been become the deadliest weapon in the insurgents' arsenal. … the military has raised the number of American troops in Iraq to 157,000 — among the highest levels of the Iraq conflict. …The U.S. military death toll for October is now at least 92, the highest monthly total since January, when 106 American service members died — more than 30 of them in a helicopter crash that was ruled an accident. Only during two other months since the war began has the U.S. military seen a higher toll: in November 2004, when 137 Americans died, and in April 2004, when 135 died.

The latest deaths brought to 2,026 the number of U.S. service members who have died since the Iraq war began in March 2003. The number includes five military civilians.

The ongoing violence has killed a far greater number of Iraqis.

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Is this progress? More troops now in Iraq? Increasing casualties? Interestingly enough, the highest monthly death tolls have all been since "Mission Accomplished"? What mission was accomplished? And yet, the managers of this war are still managing this war even after their continued inept management. I guess that's what loyalty amongst friends is all about; sticking with people even in the midst of their miserable failures. That makes a good friend, but not a good national leader. Fire them all!


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