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Our economic future looks bleak

Thank to The Left End of the Dial for the tipoff to this great column. Here's a snippit:
The next few months in the US may indicate the answer to a central question of American life today: whether the present system is capable of serious reform. If the recent combination of natural and man-made disasters does not stimulate debate on such reform, then the future looks bleak indeed. … If a crisis on the scale of 1929-32 strikes the US now, the country would not find an FDR with a New Deal programme to run against the Republican's Herbert Hoover. It would have a timid, ineffective Hoover for the Democrats running against a Republican Calvin Coolidge, a hidebound defender of the worst aspects of the existing system. If that had been the choice in 1932, the very foundations of the American state would have been in peril. > Read the whole column.
I wish more people would take heed. The late Christian author Larry Burkett had a book published a few years ago called The Coming Economic Earthquake. While I may not agree with everything he said in the book, the basic premise was truly prophetic. The sad thing is a Republican-dominated government — a party that's "championed" fiscal conservatism — has not only done little to help the problem but, in fact, has actually exacerbated it exponentially. We truly live in perilous times.


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