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'Real change, not spare change'

Thanks to Dustbury for pointing me to this information about a new program by the Oklahoma City Homeless Alliance to provide a better way for the altruistic to help those less fortunate.

How can you help the less fortunate among us while ensuring your gift does not contribute to unhealthy behaviors? The Homeless Alliance offers “Real Change” vouchers you can buy at cost to give to individuals who are panhandling for money on the street. Each voucher includes information on Oklahoma City’s three general homeless shelters and a bus ticket to get there. Once at a shelter, the person will get hot meals and a place to sleep and will have access to a variety of other services.

Research shows that across the country, approximately 80% of panhandlers are not homeless. Moreover, studies have found that most of the time cash given to a panhandler will go to support a drug or alcohol habit—not to help the person access services he or she needs. Real Change vouchers allow you to truly help genuinely needy individuals while discouraging panhandlers who do not want real help. …

Each voucher book includes five Real Change vouchers, including five bus tickets, and costs $5.00.

Click here for a Real Change order form. You can print the form, complete it, and mail it to the Homeless Alliance at 312 W Commerce Oklahoma City, OK 73109 Please make checks payable to the Homeless Alliance.

As Dustbury points out, this will not be popular among the panhandlers, but that will expose their true motivations. Most don't want help, they just want handouts.


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