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Religious Right writer = pot calling the kettle black

Didaskalos at Rational Christianity challenges the assertions of an Agape Press writer who takes issue with a grassroots Democratic group using Jesus in a campaign about poverty.
I came across the following article in Agape Press entitled Caring for Jesus, Caring for the Poor. The author wants to make the assertion that the group with loose ties to the Democratic Party is simply using the word Jesus to get an emotional rise out of people when they (the Democrats) have done little (in the author’s viewpoint) to actually help the poor. … Is there anyone else struck by the irony of a right leaning author suggesting the use of religious rhetoric is more “word” than “action”? Or more importantly, what are the Republicans doing about it. What exactly is their "action" other than to cut the programs aimed at helping the poor? Whether one agrees with the Democrats method to help the poor or beliefs about the programs effectiveness, there can be no doubt that is is trying something (action) to help rather than empty rhetoric. What (obviously selfish) benefit to the Democrats gain by taxing themselves and giving it to others? … I wonder, if the author is successful in eliminating “welfare” programs and saves an additional $500 a year on his taxes, what will he do with that $500? Maybe an additional $50 will go to his local church. Perhaps he makes a couple donations here or there or slips the guy on the corner a couple of dollars. Meanwhile, millions of children starve, millions of elderly die of much needed aid and lots of adults (even the ones that made bad choices) suffer and die while we can upgrade our cars, houses and perhaps even take some extra “much deserved” vacation time. > Read his full post
It's worth the read.


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