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Rove plea?

From the New York Daily News:
WASHINGTON - Jittery Bush aides gnawed their nails yesterday as a special prosecutor zeroed in on White House political guru Karl Rove's role in blowing a CIA agent's cover.

In the closing hours of the grand jury probe, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald paid a visit yesterday to Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, prompting speculation that a plea bargain could be in the works for the deputy White House chief of staff.

It was the latest of several one-on-one meetings between Fitzgerald and Luskin, the Daily News has learned.

Investigators also turned up at the White House for yet another round of questions for Rove's subordinates.

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If there is indeed a plea, what will Bush do? Will he dismiss Rove (since it would be an admission of some wrongdoing in this investigation) or will he find some "technicality" in his recent remarks that gives him a way to weasel out?


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