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Schemes always end up with opposite results

Crooks and Liars shares with us some of interesting thoughts by Maureen Dowd:
".... This administration's grand schemes always end up as the opposite. Officials say they're promoting national security when they're hurting it; they say they're squelching terrorists when they're breeding them; they say they're bringing stability to Iraq when the country's imploding. (The U.S. announced five more military deaths yesterday.) And the most dangerous opposite of all: W. was listening to a surrogate father he shouldn't have been listening to, and not listening to his real father, who deserved to be listened to."
Indeed. The "uniter" (as he campaigned he would be) has actually proven to be a great divider ("you're either with us or you're with our enemies"), ushering in some of the most bitter and polarizing partisanship I've ever seen anywhere. We are truly a country divided — and bitterly divided at that. The president who railed against nation-building in his first campaign has burdened our nation with one of the most difficult nation-building efforts ever. The president who promised to give Americans more control over their financial future with tax breaks and social security privatization has actually saddled us and our children with crushing national debt, continuing to balloon at a record pace. And the president who promised a higher standard in government conduct has overseen one of the most unethical, arrogant and unaccountable administration's in my lifetime (Nixon, Reagan and Clinton administrations included). And this president with the grand scheme of leaving a legacy of greatness will end up with the opposite results.


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