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Teacher fired over refusal to display flag

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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- An English teacher has been fired because he did not want to display an American flag in his Catholic school classroom.

Stephen Kobasa, a teacher at Kolbe Cathedral High School since 1999, says he is not unpatriotic but has deep-seated religious beliefs that are incompatible with displaying a flag.

"Christ speaks of compassion without boundaries," said Kobasa, a peace activist. "Flags are about separation, assertions of superiority and aggression. The whole notion that loyalty to country is connected to one's religious faith is totally bizarre and unjustified."

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Ummmm... what exactly does the flag represent? Is there a point, for Christians especially, that patriotism as represented by flag display rises to the level of flag worship — a form of idolatry? Patriotism, in an of itself, can rise to the level of the worship of a man-made creation, which is still idolatry. Does the flag not represent, at least in part, our freedoms as a nation — freedoms like the First Amendment's ideals of freedom of expression and free exercise of religion, two things this teacher was exercising? I'm beginning to understand how the German public stood behind the Nazis in Germany — blind, unquestioned nationalism, patriotism and flag worship.


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