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This is the "liberal" media?

Media Matters sheds some light on example of the mainstream "liberal" media:
In recent days, NBC's Today has featured a number of conservative guests commenting on the investigation into the alleged leak of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity, but very few progressives. Since October 16, when reporter Judith Miller recounted her grand jury testimony in The New York Times, seven conservative guests have appeared on Today and have been asked to comment on the investigation, several of whom have made false statements about the case in other news outlets. By contrast, during this time, the show featured one journalist and only two progressives or Democrats -- Democratic political strategist James Carville and Air America Radio host Al Franken. Moreover, Franken was asked only one question about the leak investigation, and Carville was paired with a conservative. The other conservative guests appeared on their own. > more
FAIR offers another example to consider:
MSNBC host Keith Olbermann recently revealed that network bosses were upset when he had two liberal guests too close together on his show in September 2003. Speaking on October 25 to comedian and talk show host Al Franken, Olbermann said the following:
You were good enough to come on this newscast with me late in the summer of 2003. It was August or September. And by coincidence, either the next day or the day before, Janeane Garofalo had been a guest on the newscast. And I got called into a vice president‘s office here and told, "Hey, we don't mind you interviewing these guys, but should you really have put liberals on, on consecutive nights?"
Olbermann added, "Al, can you believe that the country was actually at that point that recently?" Later he would answer his own question, saying, "Thank goodness we have steered out of that time." Franken was interviewed on September 2, and Garofalo on September 4. Apparently having them both on over three days--a period of time in which Olbermann's show interviewed a total of 9 guests--was grounds for being called on the carpet at MSNBC. > more
It really doesn't take much watching of the three cable news networks and the network morning shows to see the imbalance. Of course, in my opinion, the balance was tipped the other way during the height of the Clinton years. Why? Because these shows want to reflect the apparent political mood of the country to attract more viewers. Those who cry "liberal" MSM simply aren't paying attention. Of course the same people who throw that label around are the same people who think Fox News is "fair and balanced." Independent, objective research and analysis prove otherwise. But let's not let facts get in the way of ignorant perceptions — "My mind is made up so don't confuse me with the facts."


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