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Unanswered questions about OU suicide bombing

Cutting to the Chase says the Wall Street Journal's "bash piece on those who dare question the Joel Hinrichs suicide-by-bombing on the University of Oklahoma campus hinges on the ol' straw man argument." In the post, Chase raises some interesting points about questions that remain unanswered.
Does anyone really believe that this is how a depressed, lonely 21 year old kills himself? It's a question worth asking, especially when you note that three days before the suicide, Hinrichs tried to purchase ammonium nitrate, the same fertilizer used for the homemade explosive that took down the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. But whatever. Apparently we're not supposed to be skeptical of such things. At any rate, Hinrichs waits until Game Day to blow himself up, and chooses to do it on the campus' South Oval, which is always bustling during home games.
It's worth the read.


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