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Wishful (and delusional) thinking

BREAKING: GOOD NEWS IN PLAME CASE!!! By: DC Insider ยท Section: Diaries My sources are relaying to me information that may be very good news re: the Plame Case.

Although I cannot substantiate this info 100%, I am receiving this from sources very close to the investigation and grand jury:

  1. No indictments for Rove, Libby or any member of the administration.

  2. Pobable indictments for Vallerie Plame, Joseph Wilson and one as yet unknown high ranking Congressional Democrat.

  3. No wrong doing or misuse of intelligence on the part of the administration.

  4. Possible criminal conduct in an attempt to smear the White House on the part of Congressional Democrats, Plame and Wilson.

(Again, take this with a grain of salt but this is what I am hearing from my sources and the D.C. grape vine)
People who don't like the truth start making up their own "truth." Whatever helps these people sleep at night.


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