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About that "liberal" media bias thing...

Right-wingers' favorite refrain is "liberal bias in the mainstream media." Raw Story reports on that "liberal" bias:

Chairman and chief executive of media juggernaut Time Warner Richard Parsons, who barred a conversation with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia from being on the record, cut a massive $25,000 check to the Republican National Committee in 2004, and according to has given $119,750 to Republican candidates and just $12,000 to Democrats.

Parsons tried to impose a "gag order" on a public interview of Scalia conducted by Norman Pearlstein, Time's editor in chief, Nov. 21. Time Magazine is the publication's flagship national newsweekly.


Proof positive that those in charge are biased... those damn liberals — wait a minute... he donated more to the Republicans? But that would mean that the bias is really toward... hmmmm.


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