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And they wonder why we can't believe everything they say...

White House Propaganda Director Nicolle Wallace pointed to today's transfer of a former Saddam palace in Tikrit to Iraqi control as an example of success. Think Progress gives the details:
…[C]urrent administration policy, which is for a conditions-based withdrawal from Iraq, which means that as the Iraqis can take control of their own security - and you saw an important handover today in Tikrit in Iraq. This was a lavish palace that once housed Saddam Hussein’s mother. It’s now going to be enjoyed by the Iraqi people.
If that’s their example of a success story, things are worse than we thought. From the AP today:
Insurgents fired a mortar at a U.S. ceremony attended by top officials on Tuesday to hand over a presidential palace in Saddam Hussein’s hometown to Iraqi authorities, sending the U.S. ambassador and top commander scrambling for cover but causing no injuries. As a U.S. colonel was giving a speech, the mortar whistled as it fell into a field about 300 yards away from the palace in Tikrit, 80 miles north of Baghdad, according to an Associated Press reporter at the scene. The mortar failed to explode when it hit the ground.
Making lemonade out of rotten lemons still makes rotten lemonade. What amazes me is how she continues to shovel this shit with a straight face.


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