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Be honest when criticizing someone else for being dishonest

There's a Sir Walter Scott quote that I've referred to often in the last year: "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." And there's a word that seems synonymous with this saying as well as the subject for whom I keep appropriating this quote: pathological. Both the saying and our "word-of-the-year" aptly describe the current White House. At this point, I am convinced they are incapable of being honest. They are so tangled in their web of deception (on many fronts, not just the war), that I'm not sure that they know what the actual truth is anymore. They've told so many lies, distortions and misrepresentations, they've begun to believe it all to be true. The sad thing is that it's become pathetic and embarrassing -- not only for them, but for our country. They simply are no longer trustworthy. It's not just the president; it's also "all the president's men." The individual mouthpieces all seem to be using the same dishonest, contemptible playbook: smear, distort and deceive. Case in point: the recent incredible -- as in uncredible -- diatribes against war critics, Democrats, the Washington Post and, most recently, Sen. Carl Levin are glaring examples of "Pot-Kettle-Black Syndrome." In the process of accusing critics of being dishonest, the president and his spokesliars have been glaringly dishonest. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo had this to say:

First the White House lashed out at the Washington Post article that recounted the half-truths and untruths in the president's last speech on Iraq. Now the White House plays push back against Sen. Levin with this 'fact-sheet' on Iraq.

Let me comment briefly on the particular claims the White House makes in this fact sheet before proceeding to a more general point because their argument here shows yet more examples of the White House pattern of cherry-picking and misdirection. [...]

... many Democrats ran scared in the face of this once-popular president's onslaught and said many things they probably now wish they hadn't. Let's catalog those statements and let them answer for their cowardice and wobbliness. But the president was president -- a fact of accountability he never seems to grasp. He drove the train. He and his advisors cynically worked to convince the public that Saddam was tied to 9/11 -- an explosive claim in the aftermath of the 9/11 horror. That's something they knew wasn't true and which none of the president's critics, to be the best of my knowledge, ever agreed with or argued for. President Bush and his administration are on the line for that.

Now they want to go back and try to wriggle out from under the past we all remember. So to use his words, bring it on. The facts indict him. And his White House's ferocious desperation in response shows they know it.

Let them dig through the transcripts. And if there's collateral damage among today's accusers, so be it. Let the facts get hashed out and the chips fall. There's only one side of this argument running scared from the truth. We know what happened. We were there. We all remember.

Please read his entire post where he illustrates with documentation how this White House is clearly running full speed away from the truth and trying to give us all another snow job in the process.


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