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The beginning of the end of John McCain's presidential ambitions

U.S. News' Washington Whispers is reporting that Sen. McCain is courting the Religious Right:
Sen. John McCain is taking action to make it hard for conservatives to write him off in the 2008 presidential race. His office confirms that the maverick moderate recently met with the Rev. Jerry Falwell, a conservative icon who is influential with voters on the right. Also, as McCain prepares a campaign-style trip to South Carolina, critical in the 2008 GOP primaries, a key ally is putting himself in the good graces of conservatives. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is winning kudos from conservatives for backing Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, raising his stature in the state and maybe even making his 2008 endorsement the key to victory. And should McCain win the state that derailed his 2000 bid, Graham would vault to the top of the veep list, say insiders.
"Maverick"? Maybe at one time, but not in the last few years. "Moderate"? Maybe he used to be, but he looks to be getting into bed with the far right. It's just another stage in this process of selling his soul. He won't be able to swing far enough right to satisfy that base. And in the process, he'll lose the moderate left and center. He's dooming his own chances of being president. Ever since his bitter loss in South Carolina in 2000, he just hasn't been the same.


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