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Bibles banned behind bars?

Another interesting bit from SojoMail:
During last year's election campaign, the Republican National Committee sent direct mail to voters in Arkansas and West Virginia threatening that liberals would ban the Bible if elected. It would seem that their terrifying vision has come true in a different way. Human rights lawyer G.T. Hunt says he has been prevented from delivering a King James Bible - in the publisher's original shrink-wrap packaging - to a client being detained at Guantanamo. Hunt writes, "Now they won't let my guy at Guantanamo have a Bible. This is true. He asked for one, I sent one down, and a Staff Judge Advocate went out of his way to dress me down for doing so, and told me definitely that the prisoner could not have a Bible. 'We're trying to run a prison here,' he said, or words to that effect.... Where's Chuck Colson when you need him?"
What is the justification for prohibiting Guantanamo detainees from having a Bible? I too find it quite ironic that the RNC campaign smear correctly predicted the banning of the Bible, but failed to realize or disclose that it was one of their own, the Republican commander-in-chief, who is ultimately responsible for the banning of the Bible for those who need it most.


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