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Bush ally Tony Blair could be impeached

From The (Scotland) Sunday Herald:
MPs organising the campaign to impeach Tony Blair believe they have enough support to force a highly damaging Commons investigation into the Prime Minister’s pre-war conduct.

A renewed attempt to impeach Blair over claims he misled parlia ment in making his case for war against Iraq, will be made in the Commons within the next two weeks.

The impeachment process effectively stalled last year when just 23 MPs signed a Commons motion. But the scale of the government’s defeat on its anti-terror legislation last week – where 49 Labour MPs rebelled – has galvanised the momentum for proceedings to be invoked.

Organisers say they are expecting 200 cross-party signatures, including those of former government ministers, to force the Commons to set up a Privy Council investigation that would examine in detail the case for impeachment against Blair.

Bush's coattails are definitely long and powerful; they are pulling down everyone around him. Blair's fall from grace can be directly linked to his lapdog support of Bush's Iraq war effort — a decent man bamboozled by Bush and sold a bogus bill of goods. Now, Blair is paying for it with his political and personal reputation.


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