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Censorship at Daily Kos

It seems that some "liberals" are guilty of what they accuse their political opponents of. Power corrupts... and that includes the power that comes with publishing such a popular blog... it corrupts the very values they purport to believe in. James at The Left End of the Dial points us to a post that apparently has been censored by the "liberal" blogging bastion Daily Kos:
Apparently this diary was just too controversial for the 401k liberal crowd, and was deleted without the author's knowledge. Some kind soul was able to recover its contents along with the 500+ comments. Worth a look as much for the state of mind of a number of the commenters as anything else.
That is unfortunate because it's a post worth reading. What is even more unfortunate is that I don't think it's an isolated incident (the censorship by Kos, that is).


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