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Coalition of the "seduced"

From Reuters (via
Prime Minister Tony Blair was "seduced by the glamour of U.S. power" in the build-up to the Iraq war and repeatedly failed to influence U.S. policy, a former top British diplomat said in comments published on Monday.

Christopher Meyer, a former British ambassador in Washington who was heavily involved in the pre-war planning, said Blair was reluctant to negotiate conditions with President George W. Bush over Britain's support for war.

Blair did not use his position as Washington's most important ally to delay the start of the war to give more time to plan for what to do after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Meyer said.

"Britain should have made its participation in any war dependent on a fully worked-out plan, agreed by both sides, for the rehabilitation of Iraq after Saddam's demise," Meyer wrote in memoirs serialized in two British newspapers on Monday.

Coalition of the "willing" or coalition of the "seduced"? British Prime Minister stood at Bush's side despite strong opposition from his countrymen. The Brits weren't willing, just their leader who appears to have been "seduced by the glamour of U.S. power" (I don't know how he could have been seduced by Bush).


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