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Cowboy George has weakened our influence around the world

If you're a bully, you can instill fear in the hearts of those around you when you talk tough and flex your muscles. If you start a fight and you're not quite so fast in putting your opponent away, others take note; someone will figure out that you aren't quite as tough and invincible as you make yourself out to be. The myth of might dissolves. The once fearful become more bold and unafraid to stand up against the bully. And the more people (or countries) that stand up against the bully, the less influential he becomes. That's what Cowboy George has done to the United States. From Think Progress:

Bush’s recent trip to China underscored his waning influence over the Chinese government, and that waning influence is a direct outgrowth of Iraq. China now has a better image in world opinion than does the United States. The South China Morning Post (6/26/05) editorialized that these poll results served as a “cautionary tale” for China:

It was President George W. Bush’s unilateral and belligerent foreign policy that poisoned the wellspring of global sympathy for America after the September 11 terrorist attacks. … Through its rash actions, the Bush administration squandered, in just a couple of years, half a century of America’s hard-earned reputation as a responsible, generally benevolent, superpower. … Chinese leaders, to their credit, seem well aware of the lesson in all this: that a distrusted superpower runs the risk of being ganged up on by the rest of the world.



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