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Desperately searching for Islamic ties to American suicide bomber

Wingnut bloggers are desperately digging for some shred of evidence that would tie the OU suicide bomber to a larger Islamic terrorist plot. Malice in Malkinland is one of the national bloggers leading the conspiracy charge:
I obtained the nearly 350 pages of unsealed court documents just before Thanksgiving last week and reviewed them over the weekend (a big thank you to Cheryl in Judge Couch's office and TaraLeigh Teupker of Business Courier Service of Oklahoma City for their prompt responses and assistance). It would have been nice if an MSM outlet with boundless time, resources, and manpower--say, CBS News--had made the unsealed documents available to the public. [...] Beyond this, unfortunately, there's not much more of interest in the documents. None of the hundreds of e-mails in Hinrichs' account accessed by the FBI/JTTF are included in the release. Nor are the names or URLs of any of the websites he visited from his home computer or any of the nine campus computers searched by the FBI/JTTF. The last line of Hinrichs' suicide message is reported, but not the rest of the text document. So, was he simply a troubled soul, a freelance Islamist bent on mass murder at the OU football stadium, or something else? The unsealed papers neither prove nor disprove any of these theories.
So... she couldn't find any hard evidence that would support one of the blogosphere theories that Hinrich was operating with a terrorist cell. "Case not closed," she says. I'm sure. There is history to be rewritten and "facts" to manufacture... the wingnuts are hard at work. Here's my one and only comment on this whole matter: why do wingnuts think that this government is hiding something? This is the one administration that would use such an incident to advance their agenda of promoting fear to gain support for the global War on Terror. No, if there was something there, we would have heard about it by now — from the very top of this administration. We would be at Code Orange or higher, with endless scenarios spelled out before us (dirty bombs walking our neighborhoods) to help keep us sufficiently afraid to have to trust the government for our "security." Oklahoma blogger Dustbury says:
I have serious doubts about "freelance Islamist," but I suspect "troubled soul" doesn't fully explain it either.
Now that's a reasonable conclusion from a more sane voice in the blogosphere.


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