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Did Colin Powell KNOW that the intelligence used to justify the Iraq War was, in fact, weak and unsupportable?

You can only blame "faulty" intelligence for so much. If you know the intelligence is weak and you choose to use it as "slam dunk" evidence anyway, it becomes willful manipulation and misleading. More pieces are falling into place that are painting a clearer picture of what really was going on in the run-up to the war.
President Bush’s former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, may have known that the case for military action in Iraq was thin before he presented it to the United Nations, RAW STORY has learned. […] But according to individuals familiar with Powell’s conversations in the days leading up to his UN presentation, an exchange between Powell and the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joseph Biden (D-DE), indicates that the Secretary may have already had issue with the evidence presented for going to war with Iraq. […] During this conversation, Biden reiterated much of what he had said during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing on the evidence as presented by Powell deputy Richard Armitage. According to sources, Biden expressed his concerns to Powell about the reliability of the evidence, and encouraged the Secretary to speak only about intelligence that he was sure of.

“Mr. Secretary, tell them what you know,” Biden said, according to those familiar with the conversation.

“…When we are both out of office for two years, I will tell you what is going on here,” they say Powell replied.

One individual familiar with the conversation said it suggested Powell had personal reservations about the intelligence.

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"I was just following orders" was a common defense during the Nuremberg. Is that your excuse, Mr. Powell?


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