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Equal opportunity abusers

From AMERICAblog:
I kid you not. Our puppets in Iraq announced today that their abuse of hundreds of their fellow countrymen isn't that big a deal because they're equal opportunity torturers.
A top Interior Ministry official said Wednesday the 173 malnourished prisoners found by U.S. forces included all Iraqi sects, playing down allegations of a campaign by Shiite-led security forces to suppress Sunni Arabs ahead of next month's election. The Shiite-led government sought to dampen Sunni outrage over revelations Tuesday by Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari that the detainees, some showing signs of torture, were found last weekend by U.S. troops at an Interior Ministry lockup in the capital. Most were believed to be Sunni Arabs, the leading group in the insurgency. But the deputy interior minister, Maj. Gen. Hussein Kamal, said the detainees also included Shiites, Kurds and Turkomen. He gave no breakdown.
Yes, they abuse everyone, regardless of religious faith. The new Iraq. Kind of like the old Iraq, just more car bombs.


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