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A fair question: "Why do the 'family values' folks lie so much?"

John in DC over at AMERICAblog asks a perfectly legitimate question: Why can't "family values" crusading Christian leaders tell the truth? Does politics allow Christian politicos be liberal with the facts? Here's John's post:
The latest missive from the extreme right Family Research Council blames "partisan politics" for the Alito confirmation hearings starting in January instead of December. Of course, it's Senate Committee chair, the very Republican Arlen Specter, who chose the January date, so how exactly is this the Democrats' fault? Oh silly me. There I go again expecting self-proclaimed mouthpieces of God to actually tell the truth. At some point the religious right's followers need to ask themselves why they follow people who are so morally corrupt. From the FRC Web site:
Washington, D.C. - Today, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) announced that hearings on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito would be delayed until Monday, January 9. Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins released the following statement: "We are at a loss to understand why stalling tactics have been employed against Judge Alito's nomination. This does not reflect President Bush's expressed hopes for final confirmation by the end of the year. "There is no reason for Judge Alito to wait 70 days to begin his confirmation hearings. Following 13 years as a federal judge, Justice Ginsburg was able to begin confirmation hearings 28 days following her nomination. Judge Alito with 15 years on the federal bench should receive the same due process. With many important Supreme Court cases pending, it is imperative that the Senate reconsider its schedule for confirmation hearings. It appears that partisan stalling tactics have triumphed over a fair and timely confirmation process."
If we can trust these "family values" leaders in the little things, how can we trust thing with the big things? This is what happens when we, as Christians, get into the "judging" business rather than the "loving" business. Honesty and integrity are family values. But holding ourselves accountable to those same "family values" isn't as much fun as judging others.


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