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"Frankenfluff" critique more fluff than critique

Brian Maloney-Baloney-Malarkey at The Radio Equalizer (an ironic name since he's anything but an equalizer) comes up short again at his attempt to put liberal radio and its hosts into their "proper" place. This time he takes on front man Al Franken. The Radio "Equalizer" willfully confuses sarcasm and humor with threats — the kind Bill O'Reilly actually makes, which doesn't seem to bother Mr. Maloney-Baloney-Malarkey. He makes mountains out of molehills in some of Franken's statements and seems to find some hidden meaning that no other reasonable person would see. It's a hack job of a post that has more fluff than real hard-hitting critiques. But, like his idol, Malice in Malkinland, that's typical for this wingnut bloviator — all hate based on hysterical nothingness.


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