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Has Arnold turned to the dark side (like Malkin thinks) or has he awakened from his GOP blind lunacy

Malkinland is all in a tizzy about California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointing a top aid to ousted Gov. Gray Davis to be his new chief of staff.

One unhappy GOP source in California e-mails: "What is the point of a recall if youre going to turn around and re-hire the key architect of so many Davis failures?!?!?!?!"

Good question.

Could it be that Schwarzenegger's failures are even greater than Davis'? Could it be that the California electorate is realizing that it may have made a mistake replacing one inept governor with an even crazier, more inept governor, reflected in Arnold's severe hemorrhaging (almost as bad as Bush's fall from "glory")? Is is possible that Arnold, in recognizing this declining public support, may actually be reaching across the aisle (something foreign to extreme wingers) to try to build a bipartisan consensus and support for a workable agenda for the state? I can understand why that's so difficult for Malice in Malkinland and her sheeple to comprehend.


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