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Hey "liberal" media, when will you ask Cheney about his lies?

John in DC, in a post on AMERICAblog, calls to task Reuters and "the rest of the mainstream media" on its reporting of Cheney's charges against the Democrats, but fail to ask Cheney about the discrepancies in statements he's made in the past as compared to the facts as we know them now.
But the mainstream media knows Cheney did distort the truth in the lead up to the war, so why aren't they reporting on it? Reuters does a big story on Cheney's accusations against Dems, yet doesn't bother mentioning Cheney's various comments that, at the time, had no substantiation whatsoever? So let's take a trip down memory lane, a trip that Reuters and the rest of the mainstream media seems afraid to take: Cong Henry Waxman has a document online detailing 51 times that Cheney misled the country about Iraq! (The Cheney stuff begins on page 26 of the document, which is actually page 32 of the pdf file.) [more]
Why indeed. The wingnuts', like Malice in Malkinland, favorite mantra is the horrible "liberal" bias of the mainstream media. You would think that a "liberal" media would be more aggressive at asking the tough questions of the administration. On the contrary, today's "patriotic journalists" are anything but liberal and they allow the administration to say whatever it wants with little or no critical questioning. And it's why our country is where it is today with a quagmire in Iraq, a crushing national debt and a scandal-ridden government beholden to the highest bidders.


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