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If you are coming from a biased perspective, you'll find bias anywhere

If you have an extreme perspective, say like Michelle Malkin, everything that's not extreme will seem biased the other way. For far-right wingnuts, anything left of them (even what used to be considered the center) is considered far left liberalism. Well, that certainly can skew your prespective on the world around you so that you see bias against you all around you — even if none exists. One of Malkin's favorite targets is the "liberal" media. Any objective analysis and study of any such bias will show it's far less of an issue than righties believe and want you to believe. After reading a post by The New Editor, about recent New York Times headlines. Malkin sarcastically asks, "What liberal media?" My answer is a non-sarcastic response, "What liberal media?" She sees in these headlines an obvious liberal bias. My question back to her is "Watch Fox News much?"


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