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Iraq vote: Much ado about nothing

I watched some of the debate from last night's House of Representatives' vote on troop withdrawal with a mix of fascination, disgust, intrigue, inspiration and contempt. It was a family affair: my wife was baffled by the insanity of it all; my 12-year-old daughter was amazingly interested in the affair, especially all the drama of it, noting that the occasional ruckus reminded her of the British House of Commons; and my 10-year-old even watched, pointing out that different people kept saying the same things. It was entertaining at times, infuriating at others. Both sides were trying to one-up the other, beating their chests about how much they support the troops and attempting to out-insult their opponents. It was a typical theatrical production — a great show, but not real. It was a farce, a political stunt that proves that Washington right now is more interested in getting the other guy than addressing and solving real issues. Chase once again cuts to the chase with his whole take on the stunt:
The straw man strategy has worn thin. I don't know why, exactly. The dissent-is-treason and you're-with-us-or-you're-a-terrorist pretzel logic, the shrill rhetoric played so effectively by the White House over the past few years, no longer inspires dance. The nation seems to be yearning for a new sound, something a little less derivative and with a better beat. At least the song didn't work for the House Republicans in their bald-faced attempt to distort Rep. John Murtha's call for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. Because the GOPers couldn't really pin the Vietnam War hero and defense hardliner as a leftist loon (well, Scott McClellan tried, but it was just too laughable to stick), they went to Plan B, the straw man approach. It goes like this: A says it wants C. B says C is really D. B bashes A for saying D. It seemed crafty, at first blush: Claim Murtha is calling for immediate troop withdrawal (as soon as is "practicable" was Murtha's actual caveat) and force the Democrats to vote on it. Well, gosh 'n golly, no wonder the make-believe resolution authored by Repubs only garnered 3 votes of support. No one credible in this policy debate supports immediate troop withdrawal -- Murtha, least of all -- and so the vote ended up an exercise in would-be political gamesmanship.
And I added my two cents on his blog with this final bit of commentary:
Last night's farce in the House reminded me of a pro-wrestling event: it was entertaining to watch while being patheticall absurd. I just hope that there is some factual reporting of this bamboozlement by the House GOP and their attempts to distort this issue for the sole purpose of hurting the Dems. This was not a substantive debate, it was a political stunt. And it was sadly — and maddeningly — pathetic. Throw the bums out! Throw the bums out! ...(everybody chant now)... THROW THE BASTARDS OUT!


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