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Just Google this: "failure

Another Michelle Malkin guest blogger is pretty proud of himself for his cleverness. Following the (pathetic) GOP talking points about how the president didn't mislead us into the Iraq War, Bryan Preston is pushing a "Did Bush Lie? Just Google It" blog campaign, where readers are encouraged to enter the keywords "Clinton Iraq 1998." The point? They want to show you that Clinton saw Hussein as a threat and ordered an Iraq air strike. Since Clinton did it, Bush could do it too, right? Well, let's see: Clinton ordered limited targeted air strikes; Bush pre-emptively (and for all practical purposes, unilaterally) invaded the nation, dismantled the entire country's government (leading to chaos, insecurity and widespread looting) and has committed us to nation building (something he promised he wouldn't due as candidate Bush) with an unstable and, at times, deteriorating security situation. Both presidents were misinformed. The difference is the cost and toll of Clinton's actions and Bush's actions. The other difference is how far one president (and his minions) propagandized information to convince us to go to war. Based on statements made by the administration in the run-up to the Iraq War and the subsequent debunking of nearly all those statements, it's still my firm belief that the administration willfully misrepresented (and exaggerated) the intelligence and misled the country into this war. The continually shifting justification for our invasion bears witness to that. Perhaps Mr. Preston and his sheeple readers can Google "failure." See what pops up first.


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