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Making the U.S. Death Toll in Iraq more palatable

From Washington Whispers on
In the Body Count War: U.S. Wins 25-1 Frustrated GOP lawmakers are desperate for President Bush to do more to show how troops are winning the war in Iraq, and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has an idea: Tell how many insurgents the U.S. troops are killing, not just the American death toll. "This is football season," says the Republican, who takes time to mourn with constituents who lose family members in combat. "People want to know if we're winning or losing... what's the score." Fresh from a trip to Iraq, Pence says he knows the score: just over 2,000 Americans dead, compared with 50,000 to 60,000 enemy combatants.
James at The Left End of the Dial comments:
I'm going to take a guess that Rep. Pence (R-IN) defines "enemy combatant" as any Iraqi who has (or more appropriately, had) a pulse and who happened to be in the path of shrapnel from a depleted uranium tipped bomb, white phosphorous, NK77 (aka Napalm Lite - "wastes great, more killing"), or just run of the mill shells from automatic firearms. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that a fair number of those killed were moms, grandparents, kids, etc. who got iced just for being there. Something I'll keep in mind the next time I have the misfortune of seeing yet another round of photos of charred and mangled infants from this godforsaken excuse of a war.
James is absolutely right. If we narrow it down to a numbers game, we're killing more of them than they are of us. I wonder what the ratios would be comparing the number of Iraqi women and children non-combatants with the number of American women and children non-combatants would be. If we're going to play the numbers game, let's play the whole field, not just left field. Rather than face the reality of the situation in Iraq, the Republicans are looking for ways to spin it to make it more palatable and to make it appear to be a winning strategy. That's the M.O. of this party and this administration — let's put lipstick on the pig and hope we make it pretty enough to love.


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