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Malkin blogger wonders why liberals aren't talking about Zimbabwe crisis

In a post at Malice in Malkinland, Brian Maloney takes note of the social injustices facing Zimbabweans at the hands of the tyrant Robert Mugabe. Maloney rightly points to the tragedy of Mugabe's crusade to "clean up the country" (Mugabe's words) by, as Maloney describes, "demolishing the modest shanties and businesses of hundreds of thousands of black city dwellers, he left innocent people with nothing and nowhere to go." That's where Maloney-Baloney-Malarkey leaves the realm of reality and veers off into right-wing world.

American liberals have remained virtually silent on these daily atrocities, partly because they still see Mugabe as a "freedom fighter" who battled white minority rule three decades ago. And the American media largely looks the other way, as well.

In Britain, however, the crisis regularly makes headlines. It BEGS to become top news here in America. How can we possibly continue to ignore it?

First, Mr. Maloney must not be listening to very many American liberals. That's where the discussion has been taking place. I certainly have heard many American conservatives raising the issue or voicing concerns, whether on right-wing dominated talk radio or on any (that I've seen) conservative blog — until now in Maloney's post. I agree with Mr. Maloney that the crisis is getting much more extensive coverage in other countries than our own. How can we possibly continue to ignore it? Because Americans only care about those things that affect them directly. American news outlets — more accurately, there corporate (Republican) bosses — are more concerned about ratings (dollars) than about journalistic principles of social justice. If the American people don't care about it, American news outlets won't cover it. I wonder, Mr. Maloney-Baloney-Malarkey, why isn't the right-wing Fox News covering it? That's right, it's not a missing white woman, so it can't be that important. I would respectfully suggest that you take a hard, critical look within your own house before you start pointing fingers at the others.


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